Sunday, December 6, 2009

Almost done

JC Penney had their "Friends and Family" holiday sale today. I get the associate discount on pretty much everything in the store.

I'm noticing that stores seem to be interested in the lack of spending by consumers. Penney's had great deals today and with my discount, I feel I got exceptional value for what I bought.

All but 3 people are done, unless someone I'm not expecting sends me something. Two of the people left are a couple and I discovered what I want to get them goes on sale on Wednesday; the store is calling it "Mid-week Madness".

I came home with my purchases and proceeded to wrap them. Some are going to be shipped. Some are going to be delivered to Iowa. Some are for people around here. Some get ribbons and bows while some do not.

The bow/ribbon box, which I have had for going on 15+ years was just the right size. Who cares if there's something in the box. I'll just move stuff around until I'm comfortable and plop down. Mom won't mind. She wasn't in the way because I had removed the bag of Christmas bows. And she wasn't interested in sitting on the wrapping paper this time. I think because there was a box. Boxes trump everything else.

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