Thursday, December 10, 2009

Put me on your 'Do Not Call' List.

This is a head's up message.

Do not call me on Tuesday evening, January 5th. I am unavailable ALL evening. I won't be answering the phone so don't bother even trying.

Unless it's an emergency, well, then, yes call, but you'll have to call my cell phone too. That I'll at least check. Otherwise, I won't check messages until half-time and then again at the end of the game.

Iowa-Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl.

Beverage: Scottish Blend tea



  1. Ooh, hey, you're playing my Alma Mater! Do I get extra gold if you beat us? :)

  2. Ah Hahahahaha....

    Well, payoff still stands. If Iowa wins, everyone who is on on Wednesday night, January 6th, will get their winning score in gold. Maybe we should "bet" on this game. Would you like brownies or cookies or cupcakes? A cheesecake might be difficult to ship. I could ship any winnings to the office where you "share" with your co-workers, assuming that's what you'd do. OR tantalize them and say, "Sorry. These are all mine."