Friday, December 4, 2009

Gonna need 4 wheel drive I think.

Or maybe not...
First measurable snow in Wheaton overnight last night. It was all gone by noon. I know other places got inches so this seems like powdered sugar on gingerbread cake compared to them.

Still, I had brush snow off the windshield to drive away.

I have been reminded that a year ago at this time, we were shoveling. I had to do some digging in my photo archives but this is true. We got our first of several snows November 30th into December 1st. We wound up closing the office four times in December due to heavy snow and or high winds which brought blowing and drifting. I can get to the office. 4-wheel drive low to get out of the drive and 4-wheel drive high on the streets to get to the office.

One of those office cancellations I missed because my phone was charging and I had turned it off. I missed the boss' call to not go in. I drove in and wondered where everyone was. I changed the message on the answering machine and came home.

It seemed quite a bit "like Christmas" last year with all the snow. I like to look at it. I don't even mind driving in it for awhile. I love to go for night walks in a heavy snowfall. I love to hear how it muffles sound. A heavy snowfall has a sound, but you have to just stand in it to hear it. Plus, there is a singular beauty to the snow falling through the glow of a streetlight.

I'd be willing to wager, however, because of the cold, wet and dreary October we had, snow will be scarce this winter. That's sad for one of the best things to do is curl up in the papasan chair with a mug of hot cocoa and watch the snow fall.

Hot cocoa. Think I'll make some right now.

Beverage: Almost gone English Teatime


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