Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh the adventures of a life lived with cats.

These are one of my favorite shoes. Purchased last year at JC Penney, they have gone everywhere and are so comfortable. I had them on Wednesday when I went out to get the mail as the storm was starting again. There was snow on them, so I parked them on one of the living room rugs.

This morning, I was going to put in the mailbox the few Christmas cards that don't need a letter of some sort. Insert left foot, just fine. Insert right foot, wha?

I have no clue who "put" that there. I'm using the word "put" lightly because what I think is a more likely scenario is someone was playing with the toy, tossing it in the air as cats are want to do, and the toy landed in the shoe.

This is the toy. We have had this for years. I can't remember if this was originally one of Shakespeare's or if it was purchased after he passed away. It was catnip infused at one time. It's just something to be tossed into the air and chased about the living room.

Still, it's gratifying to see the toys I do have getting use.

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