Sunday, December 27, 2009

Welcome to winter, part 2.

Shoes from all the times this past week I have gone to the mailbox to get the mail.

They get snow covered soles so I take them off on the front rug. There they stay until such time as I go looking for a pair and find them here. Then, I decide they should all be put away.

In another week, I'll need to wash the rug due to the salt I spread on the front steps being dragged in.

This goes on until mid-March, maybe longer if there is snow later in the season.

Yes, that is a fair number of shoes. The ones in the foreground, my very first pair of Clarks shoes, is in need of a polish.

My boots never wind up here. They are always left in the kitchen. The rug can't absorb the snow that gets on them and it soaks through. This rug's backing has long since deteriorated and fallen off. When there aren't shoes on the rug, it's a prime target for attacking cats. I can tell when there has been toy play during the day while I'm gone. The rug is balled up against the front door. Spread it out and it gets attacked again.

I've had the rug for years. Sometimes the best toys are, quite literally, under your feet.

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