Sunday, December 13, 2009

This vexes me. #2.

It's winter now and time for skin to dry out. That means the back of my shoulders where my upper arms attach, my lower back and tush, my elbows and my legs join my hands in feeling like sandpaper on occasion.

My absolute favorite lotion is what's called Vaseline Total Moisture Conditioning. Bah humbug. It's Vaseline Intensive Care-yellow bottle. I remember when it first came out and my mother brought some home. Moisturized, removed the dried out feeling my hands had and wasn't greasy. I've had other, less expensive, hand lotions in my years, but I always go back to that yellow bottle because I like how it works.

I always have a spare bottle under the sink. When that bottle is opened, I watch the sales and buy another that I never run out of it. It's what I use on my hands. Oh sure, I've used other stuff and it's felt nice, but I go back to that yellow bottle. I'm currently finishing a bottle of mango mandarin from Bath and Body works. That goes on all the body parts except the hands. When I'm done spreading it around, I go get Vaseline yellow for my hands.

And that leads to what vexes me.

I like to buy the bottles with the pump dispensers. The premeasured amount that the pump dispenses is often just enough. Or a couple of pumps are needed for those extra dry days such as the ones where I'm baking a lot and wash my hands frequently. You get the lotion down to the bottom half inch of the bottle and the dispenser can't pick it up anymore. So you rap the bottle on the counter, moving it this way and that in an effort to redistribute the lotion so the dispenser works. That technique might result in 3 or 4 more pumps but you're back to nothing again. You know there's lotion in the bottle because you can feel the weight when you pick it up.

With flip lids, you can turn the bottle upside down and have access to the lotion. With a dispenser, you can't. I'm down to the last half inch in a bottle and have taken off the dispenser so I can get the last of the lotion out. I whap it smartly on my palm and have lotion flying all over the place as it dislodges and falls in clumps out of the opening. I always get more than I really "need" although I'll spread that excess about to dry body parts.

I understand the whole mechanics of why you can't have the tube end of a dispenser all the way in the bottom. You need some leeway for the lotion to enter the tube and be sucked to the top. Still, I wish there was a way the pump actually got all the lotion in the bottom. Then I wouldn't worry that, in rapping the bottle on the palm of my hand, I was going to get lotion sprayed all over me and the sink.

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  1. Cut the bottle about .5" above the lotion line; cover the lotion with plastic wrap and dispense as needed. If you use this a lot you probably don't even need to cover the lotion. Although since you have two active felines i'd cover it just to keep the fur out of it :)

    Also, give a tub of Udder cream a try sometime if you haven't