Saturday, November 28, 2009

A good birthday

I was in that state between fully asleep and vaguely awake at 8 a.m. when I heard footfalls on the front steps. Then the doorbell rang. Mija launched herself off the bed and streaked into the closet to hide. It was FedEx delivering the boxes of birthday and Christmas packages from Carole. I knew they were coming so when no one beat on the door to get me to come answer it and I heard the sound of a truck pulling away, I could figure out what that was. I rolled out of bed about 15 minutes later and brought the two boxes into the house. I have the Christmas presents for family stacked off to the side. I am going to try to head to Iowa for part of the holiday. That left my birthday presents.

It's been a nice birthday this year. It started on November 22nd with a visit to my friend Tonia, who lives in Chicago.
She gave me a big gift bag filled with items but they are both birthday and Christmas. It was a glorious day. We went to brunch, stopped at a new coffee shop and got beverages and spent several hours just talking.

The celebration continued on November 24th with the receipt of this card.
This card is important because Pam sent it and Pam almost never sends card. It's pretty bad, too. You open it up and it plays the chicken dance. The cats were amused until they determined it could not be eaten.

On my birthday, I went to my friend Bob's for Thanksgiving dinner. Marvelous meal.
It was a crappy day, cold and blustery with intermittent showers. But the food was exceptional, the company funny and enlightening and we watched a wee bit of football before watching a couple episodes of "Mythbusters". Then I came home with a meal's worth of leftovers. It was a clear sky and you could see the stars sprinkled about the heavens. In the city, it's not always possible to see stars due to light pollution.

Today sort of marks the end of the birthday celebrations as there shouldn't be more cards in the mail after this, although my sister is never on time. I could get a birthday card in the middle of next month, but that does make it funny.

I'm very gratified that people read the blog. This year's presents represent that.
OVEN MITTS! The cat ones are from Tonia. The apple ones are from Carole. The bone china cup is from Tonia so I can drink my tea "in style", she said.

April and Perry gave me the 'Takahoma Card' from Steak 'n Shake. Ohboyohboyohboy! They have this wonderful white chocolate shake during the holidays. Or I could get the limited edition egg nog shake. Man, too many choices.

Patt, whose card is at the upper right, gave me a gift certificate to Target. "Get something for yourself," she said. Yes ma'am. A 2-liter of Dr. Pepper, a frozen pizza and a box of ice cream sandwiches, were included with kitty litter, cat food, pasta, brown sugar, eggs and drop cloths on a roll.

The last two days have been beautiful with clear blue skies and bright sun. I got paid so I can now sit down and get things maybe caught up or at least not teetering over some huge pit. And there was more money in the check than I expected. That is the best birthday present of all.

Beverage: Scottish Blend tea


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