Friday, November 27, 2009


Back in October, I was buying Christmas presents, one of which was a star to send to a friend overseas. I chanced upon this ornament. I haven't really looked for Scottish-themed ornaments but this would catch my eye. AND, it was on sale for $14.00. That might seem like a lot but it's heavy glass.

Therein lies the dilemma.

For the first time since Carole moved to Washington in 2007, I feel as if I want the Christmas tree up. That's an afternoon's activity but I feel as if I kind of need some decoration this year. It's been such a lousy end to fall that I could use some sparkle, something festive.

I have no idea how the new felines will react.
As you can see, Carole and I have experience with feline "help" in setting up the Christmas tree. I can't have a real one because I'm allergic to all the chemicals used to preserve a tree for transport from the grower to the lot. If I could find an organic grower, I maybe would get an organic tree. I never, ever had a lot-purchased tree when growing up. It was what we did the Saturday after Thanksgiving, drive to the tree farm and cut our own tree. Then we'd get it home and my parents would spend an hour trying to decide which which side looked best in the corner of the living room. My tree is several years old but it suits me. I do miss that fresh cut pine smell so friends send me pine scented candles. Balsam & Cedar, Mistletoe, Sparkling Pine and Christmas Wreath from Yankee Candle are my favorites.

So, what to do. I have a number of ornaments that are tradition to put on the tree. Many of them are breakable. Do I chance it in the event that these two are too big to make the climb, unlike Faux who was only 6 months old when his first Christmas rolled around? Or do I just cover the tree in non-breakable ornaments this year and see how we do? I think the tree had been up 4 days before I came home to this:
Faux knew. I couldn't find him for about 10 minutes until after I had righted the tree and rehung all the ornaments.

As I compose this, they are asleep and just adorable.
I could set the tree up and not decorate it just to see what happens. It's always an adventure when you have cats.

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