Monday, November 2, 2009

Need a satchel?

Since there is very little to do at the office, I've been lugging Halloween cards to and from the office to write a letter to enclose with the card. Last week, the bag I use, a canvas sack with "Lowell School" on the front, got soaked in the rains. (Lowell School is where Carole went to grade school some 20-odd years ago. It's a really, really good bag.) So, this morning, I was rummaging around in the closet for another bag. I have three cream colored bags about half the size of the Lowell bag but they would work for what I have to tote. I saw one, tugged on it, and was promptly assaulted by all these bags, purses and totes. I just scooped them up and dumped them on the bed to be dealt with later.

I use Clinique products on my face. These products consistently rank among the best for dealing with acne in adults. They are a bit more expensive but I try to buy when it's Bonus Days because I get a packet of samples and, wow, a bag. Plus, I found 2 fanny packs and 2 purses. I don't use either anymore. In fact, I have my current brown purse and that I've lugged around for so long that Carole teased me in May. "Sheesh Mom, get something else now. You've had that purse forever." But why? It's still good. I know where everything is. It's brown, so it goes with almost everything. I don't need to be moving everything from one purse to another. You guys keep a wallet until it disintegrates. Why can't I do the same with my purse?

I sorted all these bags and I have one and a half grocery bags of give aways to, well, give away. I generally get extra bags because my "consultant" likes me. I will give them away as Christmas presents and stuff them full of things like hot cocoa or soup mixes. But I think all my friends have received one now. Some of these, I wouldn't really give to a friend lest she question my taste in bags.

Still, if any friend hasn't received one, you can have it. I'll even toss in a bag of licorice or trail mix. I don't need to save what I don't use. It can take up space in your closet.

Beverage: Lady Gray Tea


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