Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now what?

If you are perceptive and, because you're reading my blog I'm inclined to believe your powers of comprehension and your intelligence rank at the epitome of humanity (How's that for a loquacious pat on the back?), you have noticed an addition to the right side panels located toward the bottom.

I have joined the bazillions who are on Facebook.

I was intending to be a hold-out. Sometimes, there's more cache in being the lone person NOT following the lemmings over the cliff.

But Perry promised to send me an email a day until I joined, or maybe that was implied, and Carole would mention all these tidbits she knew. How did she know that? "Well, I saw it on their Facebook page, mom. You should get a page."

Forthwith, I have a page. I was quite astounded by who showed up from my address book as also having a page. It was quite interesting.

So I'm there.

Now what?

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