Sunday, November 1, 2009

You get the door. I'm going to hide.

I know you're interested in how the cats handled their first Halloween with me. Trick or treating in Wheaton goes from 3 p.m to 7 p.m. If you are handing out, you are to turn on your porch light.

At 3:15, I turned on my light. The first treaters, 2 little kids accompanied by their parents with grandma and grandpa dutifully digitally recording the walk up to my door, arrived at 3:25. The footfalls on the front steps got the cats attention. After all, I was sitting at the computer working on a budget (Talk about a job requiring chocolate.) The doorbell rang. Pilchard jumped to her feet and raced me into the living room, jumping on the table in the room from where she could see out the front windows. Mija slunk quickly to the office closet, her early hiding place. When I opened the door and Pilchard heard the tiny "Ticer teet", followed by a male voice saying, "What do you say to the nice lady?", she took off for the hallway. She sat there until I closed the door.

Mija never came out during my entire trick or treating session. For me, it ran from 3:25 to 6:05. At 7, I turned off the light as I saw no one, not even the high school students who like to roam in packs on this evening, on the street north or south. I had almost 40 kids, only one Michael Jackson but he did have the military jacket, glitter socks and one glitter gloved hand. Most of the treaters were, I would say 4th grade to age 4. I always like the look on the little one doing this for the first time. You can practically hear the brain saying, "Now, all I have to do is stand here and she gives me something?"

Pilchard got brave when she realized these people weren't coming into the house. She would just sit on the table and look out. I did hear a few kids say, "Oh look! She's got a black cat!" If there were more than 3 or they made a lot of noise, she would jump off the table and run back to the office. I do think both of them were quite happy when this was all over. Shakespeare and Half-Pint used to come to the door and we'd have to be careful not to let them out. Everyone else hid while this event occurred. In the evening, both came and spent time in my lap. I think they just needed reassurance that this was an isolated event.

It's been a quiet day today. They have followed me around the house as I've finished some small tasks. Lots of ear scratching. I'll take the chocolate to work where I can eat it when I'm bored. It's been awhile since I've had chocolate at the office. The candy dish on my desk has been used for tea bags. And, you'll probably wonder if I am who I am, but I'm not rushing out to get 50% off Halloween candy. I shouldn't spend my money on that and I don't really need it. I can bake chocolate items. I have chocolate cookbooks. I should pick something new and try it. Any takers on sampling finished product?

Beverage: Slightly flat Coke


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  1. Trying commenting again -- I guess the reason you have 4 hours of ToT is because they have to go through 80 toll plazas to get from house to house :)

    Any chocolate wares you don't want will find a home. . .

    in mah belly!