Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gorgeous day for football.../facepalm

This was Saturday afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky. A very light and gentle breeze from the west/northwest. Temperatures up to 75! In November! You could not ask for a better afternoon in which to play football. It was exactly like the above in Iowa City. It's one of those days where, if it hadn't been a 4.5 hour drive to my mom's, I might have hopped in the car and driven there, just to be.

It's the kind of day where I can wash bathroom rugs during halftime and put them out on the
deck to dry. It's going to get only into the upper 60's tonight so I can leave these out all night if they aren't dry and know they will dry tomorrow. It's not supposed to be as warm but it's supposed to be clear. I have 3 more rugs to wash tomorrow so all the deck railings will have rugs on them. They will smell so nice when they are brought inside.

Plus, it's the day where I throw open the house, turn off the heat and let that breeze run through. It's probably the last time to do that.

Cat bodies can't get out the windows, open about 3 inches, although noses have been by the opening to get a whiff of fresh fall air. I did have one of the office windows wide open. Val said they are scared to go outside so I figured I wasn't tempting fate until...

a tailless squirrel came up onto the deck just to snoop around. Pilchard was sitting on the sill, saw it and started toward it. She got as far as the railing just outside the window before I grabbed her and pulled her inside. After the football game, I went out to sit on the front porch and admire the view.
I left the storm door open while I just sat for a half hour. I periodically called Pilchard's name. She was inside, lying on the table. She never moved. I called for Mija, who came running to see what I wanted. She took a look at me outside, turned around and ran back to the bedroom. I'm okay with them being house cats.

Oh yeah, that football game. (sigh) Iowa 10 Northwestern 17. Northwestern deserved to win. The last two games, Iowa has played sloppy, almost as if everyone is only there 80-85% and is counting on everyone else to bring their 100% game. They lucked out in that Michigan State and Indiana only played for 3 or 3.75 quarters. Luck, skill, talent, voodoo, you name it ran out today.

This is good, however. They were beaten by a 5-4 team and they did not look like the #4 ranked team in the nation. If they stay in the top 15, I will be surprised. Next weekend is Ohio State and if they play in Columbus as they played today in Iowa City, Ohio State 48, Iowa 10. You read it here first.

So, I made poppyseed muffins and am thinking about baking more cookies. I ate all the muffins I had frozen so I needed to make more. Those days when I sleep through the alarm and Mija decides all she will so is lie on me and purr, muffins are the perfect grab and go breakfast.

I'm going to sleep with the windows open tonight. It will be the last hurrah for open window sleeping for 2009. Tomorrow, I should rake the yard and perhaps and, if I feel motivated enough, I shall go buy a rake and do that, even if all I do is rake the leaves into a pile.

I might also grab that book Carole sent me a link to, about luck, and sit on the deck and read. Many possibilities for the last warm weekend of fall.

Beverage: Blackberry tea


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