Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Get these guys windows.

No snow. Not even rain that could have changed to snow. The snow was taken out of the forecast around 11 last night as the rain bearing clouds dissipated.

Friends in the game who live in warmer climates were "surprised" snow was predicted so soon for us. Meh. I have memories of getting this incredibly awesome Halloween costume and then having to wear snowboots and a heavy jacket over it because it had snowed a couple inches.

Heck, snow in early October isn't unheard of around here and when my youngest brother married roughly 10 years ago, it snowed that night. I've never been sure if the phrase" hell freezes over" applied to his getting married.

It clouded up as predicted but no snow and the light showers for this morning? Nope. I read somewhere that even with all the high tech computer stuff the National Weather Service has, accurate predictions are only at 75%. I maintain another 10% could be put on those numbers if the weathermen weren't kept in a dank basement without a window. I can look out my office windows and be at least 50% accurate.

Rodney and I would have liked some precipitation today. We have to go to a job in Evanston and neither of us is particularly enthusiastic about doing it today. We'd rather stand around outside tomorrow, when it's supposed to be warmer.

Oh wait...that's the prediction. Better see if I can find my winter boots.

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