Saturday, November 7, 2009

Major step

Just standing on the stairs, mom.

Yup, that's Mija on the basement stairs. It started at the beginning of October when I left the basement door open when I went to do laundry. Pilchard decided to see from where this noise was coming and came down the stairs. Of course, there are thousands of places to go in a basement and I wound up having to leave the basement door open and hope she would come upstairs when her curiosity was filled.

Since then, both have come downstairs, poked around and come back upstairs within 30 to 40 minutes of when I leave. In fact, today has been a test of sorts. I did a load of whites this morning and left the door open. Pilchard went back upstairs before I did, at half-time, when I was hanging up the wash and tossing the rugs into the machine. Mija went downstairs while I was mixing the muffins but came back up once I left the kitchen. Neither has been downstairs since.

This is good because the open basement door allows those musty basement smells to dissipate. Plus, in the winter, it seems to equalize the temperature in the house. I'm going to leave it open tonight and just see how we do. If there are no crashes in the night and no one has a face covered in cobwebs in the morning, I would say I can leave the basement door open, period.

And, I discovered, I'm going to need to buy cat food.

Val gave me what I think was a 20 pound bag, I honestly didn't look. It was big and took up lots of floor space in the kitchen. After two full months and one week of twice daily feedings, this is what I have left. The container will probably be empty by the end of the week. Fortunately, dry cat food I can afford.

Beverage: Blackberry tea


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