Sunday, July 19, 2009

A rose by any other name...

Jessie and I were going to go to brunch today. But she has a social life and I don't and that social life took her to the Dave Matthews Band concert at Alpine Valley last night. She trundled home at the 1:15 a.m. hour and logged onto WoW. Of course I was still online. See yesterday's post; well, this morning's post, actually. She said she was going to be too tired to go to brunch at 10:30. So we have postponed it.

But we were talking about all manner of things with guild members still online at that hour. One of them teased her and she typed, "Oooh, now I'm intriegued." Ever vigilant, I typed, "intrigued". This, of course, got a chorus of hoots and laughter and minor teasing. Jessie called me a "grammar goddess" and then said, "That's what your blog could have been named, "Tales from a Grammar Goddess".

Oh heavens!

When it comes to actual grammar use, I am probably a bit above average, but there is so much I don't remember or, perhaps, never knew.

The bookshelf to the right contains a few handbooks, but quite a few handbooks are not stored in the office where the computer is. If pressed, I would have to actually dig for the proper information. My friend Pam talks about helping her bosses (Yes, she has more than one.) craft business sentences and I admire what she's retained. I certainly wouldn't have caught the small errors she does.

If I could "be" anything, I'd be an editor. I would love to work for a publishing company, slogging through the stack of books every editor gets. I love helping someone "find their voice", as it were. Every editor should edit with an eye toward letting the author speak but helping him make sure "it's" is meant instead of "its".

For while, I took in freelance proofreading, much like some women used to take in other people's wash. I took great pride in being able to turn something around in a maximum of 48 hours depending upon the nature of what was being proofread. Some documents just couldn't be turned around in that amount of time. I didn't make a lot of money at it. It was enough to buy pizza or to pay for museum admissions, but it kept me in the word.

I'll agree with the "tales" part. I have lots of stories. I hope you never get bored. But the "grammar goddess" part? No one will every accuse me of "goddess-ness" and, more than likely, if you drop your participle, I'm not going to notice unless it makes a noise when it hits the floor.

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