Thursday, July 23, 2009

The next morning.

I'm in the office, at the moment. My boss, who does not like pets, has given me permission to leave as soon as I get done the two things I feel I need to get done.

I followed Betsy around for awhile last night. I gave her a small piece of my chicken tenders from Culvers. She nibbled at it but never ate the whole thing. She's never been one for people food, really.

Her routine didn't vary that much from what it's been. She did come back into the office and sit on the floor next to me. I kept getting up to pet her and tell her I loved her until about 9:00 p.m. when she growled at me. It's kind of humorous in that she was telling me, "Okay, okay. Stop already with the petting."

My WoW guild was wonderful. They were all very supportive and concerned. Pam dropped me off and would have stayed, but I knew I had a world of friends to talk to me throughout the evening. And I know, if I need anything, I can call Pam or Jon or Jessie and ask. Bill was phenomenal. Say what you will about people you meet in a game that you may never see in real life, the people who chose to hang around in game with me last night were caring, compassionate people.

I picked up Betsy and we snuggled under the covers. She fell asleep next to me, purring up a storm. I awoke about 4 and she was gone but all she had done was gotten up and moved to down by my feet. When I awoke, she woke up and she let me snuggle with her, falling alseep together, until the radio came on.

She eats as she's always eaten. She did complain a bit when I headed out the door for work this morning, but she's been very silent since I got home last night. I think about the changes in life now. I don't need to keep the back door open because a cat wants to come and go. Betsy's not doing that anymore. I have all these cat toys and a stack of food dishes.

April commented that the momma cat she and Perry adopted still has kittens at the shelter. Would I want them to bring one when they come? I did think of that, but it's way too early for me to consider adding another cat to my household. Betsy's health problems are still there and I need to get her stabilized and in a routine before I even consider adding another cat, especially one with energy. Let's face it, Betsy and I are middle-aged women and we're pretty set in our ways. I don't think it would be good for Betsers to have a kitten at this point.

So, we will be okay, the two of us. I'll go home and cry my eyes out again, hold Betsy and then do some laundry, work on a craft project, do the dishes, wash the kitchen floor. There's lots of stuff I can do when I'm home early. Life goes on.

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