Friday, July 31, 2009

This observational life.

New people moving in across from me. That makes family number 8 in that house since I moved into the neighborhood in December of 1983. Is that a lot, Daniel's transitory life notwithstanding? (How's the move, incidentally? Got a couch yet?) I'm used to small town America where your grandparents live in the house they bought after they got married.

There are two giant storage cabinets sitting on the corner of my neighbor's yard. You know these things, metal with the two doors and the chrome handle that moves down to open them. They were there yesterday morning. I guess I can use them as a landmark. I'm the second house on the left after the storage cabinets.

There's a bug collection thingee in a neighbor's yard. It was NOT there yesterday. It's bright yellow with a fluted neck that leads to a blue bag. The bug will fly in, probably attracted by pheromones and then not be able to get back out. Wonder if the homeowner put it there or if the city or someone else did. And I'm not sure what they could be searching for. We have had outbreaks of emerald ash borer. I don't think gypsy moth is here. There was talk of a pine beetle, but that hasn't materialized. It seems not the right set up to gauge the abundance of mosquitos.

Betsy probably has a urinary tract or bladder infection. I came home last night to little puddles all over the house. Instead of dining at an Irish pub, I spent 2 hours scrubbing floors and then washing rugs. I put the rugs on the deck rails this morning to dry. It's gorgeous out. So I nipped home at lunch to flip the rugs over to dry the other side. There are garage sales all over the place. I never had much luck finding deals or selling. I have a friend who finds the most amazing things at garage sales. She got a room size wool "oriental" rug for something like $30. It was quite dirty and I think she said the seller was getting rid of it because she didn't want to clean it and was changing the color scheme in her living room anyway. She spent about $40 having it cleaned and the rug was like new. I'd get the rug that looked perfect but had the carpet moths or the dog barf or something hidden in it.

I have more lilies at the other end of the overgrown flower bed. They should bloom tomorrow or Sunday.

Did you know that if you leave the window in your car open and the rain comes straight down it will still get the seat wet and leave a small puddle under the floor mat? I know who's laughing when they read that.

There should be a line at Subway for moms who decide it's a great idea to take their kids and their neighbor's kids to Subway for lunch. Included in this line is a giant hand that cuffs the whiners on the back of the head. 'Nuff said.

Speaking of being cuffed about the back of the head, if I don't take my allergy medication, how do I expect to feel better?

I still have the rest of the bathroom and the kitchen to clean before I can let April and Perry, Jon, and Richard and Lifcha into my house tomorrow night. I know Perry said they are coming to play games and to see me, but...........

Beverage: Coke



  1. Get my keys a week from today, then it begins! Couch shopping is like car shopping - I want so many of them, but can only afford one. :(

  2. You just need a friend to come help you. I know of one but she's a bit far away.