Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Game Show!

How could this idea fail?

It's July 1st. Half of the year is over and another half is set to begin. It's a good marker for taking stock of what you've accomplished and what needs to be done.

Like cleaning out the fridge.

I started over the weekend. How many of those containers of marinara sauce from Arby's do I really need? Zero actually because, when I order the mozzarella sticks, I never use the marinara sauce. So, I brought all the sauce tubs home thinking the sauce would be good over pasta. Well, 15 tubs later, which spans the whole first half of the year, they are just taking up space, like the Alfredo sauce that's now yellow with small greenish spots. Yup, time to be ruthless.

But in the course of being ruthless, things "accumulate" in the garbage can until tonight, when I will haul them to the curb with the recycling. And that spawns the game show idea.

"What's that smell?"

I'm sorry. I should have warned you. There are monitor cleaning cloths you can buy.

After tonight, I won't have to play that game for awhile. I have the last shelf and the compost drawers, I mean fruit and vegetable drawers to empty. If there is anything in those drawers, it can go into the composter. I have wonderful compost in the back yard that I never use. But I'm being green.

I don't really take out a lot of garbage. Tonight, however, it's going fast to the curb. I'm not interested in playing "What's that smell" any longer.

Beverage: Free Coke from Chipolte because Mike won lunch there.


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