Friday, July 17, 2009

Stream of Blog-scienceness

I'm currently all alone in the office. I went back to Iowa yesterday to get a remote monitoring device up and running. It refused, much like a teenager telling you how their day at school was. So, that particular machine was pulled and replaced with one that has decided life in the field is better than life on a steel shelf unit with a tag that says, "Modem refuses to work".
After that, I drove to a meeting at Starved Rock State Park.

I love July and August purely for the smell away from the city. Oh sure, when Zeke mows the lawn I just sit on the deck and breathe deeply. But you haven't lived until you're driving down a 2 lane road in the country and you take a deep breath. You can smell the corn. You can smell the earth. You can smell the...

my dad always called THAT the smell of money.

But that particular smell is fleeting and you're back to the smells that, to me, remind me that I'm alive. Fresh cut hay. The Mississippi River. A dusty gravel road. Yankee Candle has all these scents but they don't have those and they never will. Are you going to pay $24 for "Dusty Gravel Road"? "Clean Linen" is nice, but it doesn't smell like sun-baked sheets left on the clotheslines over a hot August noon.

I can probably go home in an hour as I have overtime and the one phone call I was waiting for has come in. I have other things to blog about. I made a list while waiting for the remote unit to call in.

Beverage: Dr. Pepper


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