Monday, July 27, 2009

Gray Watch Month 3

This is a pretty good representation of what it looks like right now. It's kind of shaggy so it's good that I have an appointment after work to get it cut. You can see the streaks of faded brown dye.

It's starting to get noticeable on the sides now. There were always places that I'd miss when covering my hair with dye. They were often distinctive, almost as if it was a natural affect. Those places missed in the February dye job are, at least to me, visible now as almost completely gray.

My stylist said December we'd have it all gone. In some places, I think it will be next hair cut. This Thursday we get the first paycheck with our COLA in it. I should get something for myself to celebrate the over half-way mark to a completely gray head of hair. Dairy Queen sounds good.

Beverage: Blackberry Tea


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