Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In The Garden

In July, I go through the deck flowers, pruning and removing spent flower heads. The geraniums this year are filled with blossoms, almost like they enjoyed all the rain we had. The other side of all the rain is the amount of weeds that have sprung up and then how tall they've gotten. I like the sheer amount of milkweeds this year mainly because of this.

The July 4th weekend, Monday and Tuesday had sightings of one a day. Even if it's the same one, I know there wasn't a monarch last year. I don't remember the year before that.

The spicy scent of the milkweed flowers is everywhere in the yard. It wafts in on the breeze and can get a bit overpowering. But it's a reminder that I've got habitat, with the bird bath to provide water, which will sustain these amazing creatures.

Also sighted but not photographed was a hummingbird. On Sunday, I was watching a movie and heard something at the picture window. It's rare, but I have had sparrows collide with the front window. The noise came from a hummingbird, flitting about the area in front of the window, a brushing up against it. I have no plants there which could provide food. Somewhere I have a feeder. I wonder if they are attracted to the datura.

It seems that if one created a garden to attract the monarch, you could also attract hummingbirds. That would be fantastic.

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