Friday, July 3, 2015

Getting My Money's Worth

Doesn't it seem that when one thing in the house needs replacing, something else goes at the same time? The new washer comes tomorrow. I'm so excited. But my computer mouse decided to die, too.

Computer mice are a very personal choice. I got one when I got this computer two years ago, but I don't like the Apple mouse for gaming. It just doesn't have the control I need. So I look at an actual "gaming" mouse, and it's got more buttons than a button factory. They are designed to be fully customizable with your game and the things you need to do in those games. This button makes you run. This button makes you walk. This button makes you attack. This button makes you cast this spell. This button lets you run sideways, and so on and so on. For some people in my guild, gaming without all the button controls feels naked. For me, it's just overwhelming.

I like Logitech products. I've had Logitech mice for a very, very long time. They are sturdy and last. I've had this mouse going on four years now. That is long enough to wear a divot in the right side of it where my little finger rests.

I didn't realize there was a divot until early this year. It's the place my little finger always came to rest on the mouse.

Another issue I have is cat hair. The optical function of the mouse on the underside of the Logitech mouse is small. Cat hair would get up into the mouse via this hole and I couldn't get it out. You can barely see the hole on the underside of the mouse in the above photo. Even a small tweezers wouldn't get up in there. I wonder, if I could have taken the mouse apart, would I have been able to clean it so it would still work. Some mice still have tiny screws holding them together. This one did not. To get inside it meant breaking the bottom from the top cover. Not worth it.

Finally, I had a devil of a time finding a corded mouse. 95% of the mice displayed for sale were wireless. I have line-of-sight issues with wireless mice given the set up of my computer desk. I needed a corded mouse. Plus, I have a cordless keyboard. I really don't want to deal with batteries from a wireless mouse. I had one 4 years ago, but it went through batteries like I eat chocolate. With a corded mouse, its power is from the computer, not batteries. I can be certain it will always work, unless it's filled with cat hair.

Fortunately, Best Buy had one style of corded mouse.

My old Logitech mouse is on the left and the new Insignia brand mouse is on the right. Cost me $8.95.

When I play World of Warcraft, I am a "two-handed gamer". I use the keyboard and the mouse. I don't need extra buttons. It would take me too long to get used to using them.

Right away, I noticed I was faster at moving. There was a bit of a learning curve in that the new mouse moved the game's camera angle around too fast until I figured out direction. The scrolling wheel, which I do use quite a bit, is a touch slow, but I've grown accustomed to it. All-in-all, not bad for a $10 mouse. And the optical part of the mouse, on the underside, is large enough to get a tweezers inside to remove any cat hair which might work its way up in there.

When you spend upwards of $40 for a piece of hardware, you want to have the feeling it's going to last. I think I got my money's worth out of the mouse to the left. Even if the new mouse only lasts a year or two, $10 is a great price.

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