Saturday, November 24, 2012

Officially Christmas

It is now officially the Christmas season. I spent today cleaning the living room. It took a whole day because I do live in my living room. It's not a parlor you pass through or a front room, but a living room. If I want the girls, chances are very good Mija's in the recliner and Pilchard's in one of her boxes.

The floor was swept and stuff was dusted. I washed the north window and it's now covered for the winter. Man it was dirty. Items on the table in the living room have been put away. Funny how I just pile things thinking I'll get around to dealing with them and then I don't. I went through all the magazines left to read on the ottoman and I successfully reduced last year's pile by 2/3rds this year. I think that's what I will do between now and January 1st, read more magazines and see how far I can pare down this stack. I went from two stacks to one. It feels like a huge accomplishment.

Then, I gave myself permission to sit and watch the kick-off to Christmas.

I don't know when it started but it's sort of been a tradition to watch The Grinch right after Thanksgiving. It used to be on TV on the day after but I don't even know if you can watch it on free TV anymore. It's the antithesis of Christmas, too, and I've felt it's reminded me of what the Grinch learns at the end. "Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store." What a good way to remind oneself as you are braving the sales, the weather and the other shoppers, that it should be the thought that counts.

Having done this, I can now contemplate finishing off that list of names. I do shop or craft all year with people in mind but now it's officially Christmas and I give myself permission to celebrate the holiday. Tomorrow will be a quick trip to Target. I don't have working lights for the tree.

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