Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Haven't Packed the Bags Just Yet

It got really noisy on the deck on Saturday afternoon. There were cardinals and chickadees chirping at each other. I glanced outside and, well, the robins haven't left Chicagoland just yet.

They are quite fat. In spite of a drought, it does not appear they have been at a loss for food. This is probably a male and female. They eyed me warily but let me get off a couple snaps before leaving.

I need to wash the windows on the back door. I read where Coke poured onto a paper towel can be used to wash windows. It has a natural grease cutting property. I wonder if it would also help get the, um, debris off the deck from robins who use the birdbath. It's really messy right now.

Beverage:  Raspberry Zinger tea


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