Wednesday, November 28, 2012


One of the purchases at Target last week was drain opener. I've had all the drains cleaned but a quarter cup of drain opener every other month keeps them clear. Usually, I buy my drain opener at Dominicks when I get other groceries. But, as I had the Target gift certificate and it was time to do preventative maintenance on the drains, I figured I'd pick it up at Target.

Imagine my surprise when the clerk asked to see my driver's license. I did a quick scan of my purchases. No alcohol. No decongestants. I'm used to being carded for those purchases. Was it the Coke AND the Dr Pepper purchase? He apologized and said he's required to type in license numbers whenever someone buys drain opener. I have never had this happen at Dominicks. I looked at the bottle and looked quizzically at him. He dropped the volume of his voice and said, "We were told that people can use this to make pipe bombs." Ah. Of course. That does make sense.

Has anyone else been carded when you've bought drain opener or don't you buy it? I'm just curious as this practice doesn't seem to be wide spread. Is it just at Target? Was this just instituted recently? I don't have answers to those questions. I'm not annoyed to show my license. When I was told why, it makes perfect sense and I'm using this for its intended purpose so I have nothing to hide. I do wonder if the information goes to a national database or if this is just for Target's protection. I should have asked.


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