Thursday, November 29, 2012

And It's Frozen

I may never eat Dominos again.

Doesn't look like much. It's a frozen pizza. It was on sale at Target for $7.99. It's usually $10.99 owing to the amount of meat on it.

I like Home Run Inn pizzas. I like wafer crusts and the kind I usually bought, sausage that comes in a green box, is really good. Recently, I tried their uncured pepperoni and sausage pizza, which comes in a purple box. Pepperoni usually gives me rampant heartburn. I've quit eating it, it gets so bad. So why try a pizza with pepperoni on it? The "uncured" part was attractive. Would having the pepperoni "uncured" make a difference? Monumentally, it seems. I had no heartburn after eating that pizza. Now, I don't eat it all in one sitting. I have 3 pieces and put the rest away for another meal. (Cold pizza on a weekend morning with a glass of orange juice is very good.)

I feel like a good way to satisfy my pizza craving and watch my budget is to buy these. The sausage ones can be on sale 2 for $10.00. When I saw this at Target, I knew I had to try it. Home Run Inn claims their pizzas are all "natural" and I believe I can find them at my Whole Foods. I don't know what "all natural" means in terms of pizza. Is it all organic, including free range pigs? However that's termed, this is really good pizza. They have a bunch of varieties, including vegetable flavors. I'm not fond of veggies on my pizza and absolutely no fungus, so finding a meat lover's with sausage, bacon and pepperoni was wonderful.

So, I give this frozen pizza two enthusiastic thumbs up. It's inexpensive, which makes it good for those on a budget. You kind of have to like the wafer crust although I think some of their pizzas with more ingredients on them have thicker crusts. I love the taste and with an ice cold Dr Pepper, this is a great supper.

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