Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lost Time

I worked more on the cross-stitch last night.

There are probably a couple of days of work left.

I was sitting in the recliner with a cat in my lap stitching away and thinking, "Okay, so Thursday, I need to spend several hours stitching. Then, Friday, I can stitch later in the day after cleaning and it will be done. Then I can wash it and it will be dry overnight. It will be ready to be framed on Saturday and I can use the coupon. This will work."

Yes, this will work. That's good planning but there is one small detail. The coupon is good through December 1st. I get paid on November 30th. That's NOT this weekend. It was this morning when I realized I do not have to push myself to get this done other than wanting it done. I have another 9 days, really.

It's funny how time skews. Thanksgiving falls on the earliest possible day it can be this month. There is a full weekend after the holiday in order to finish things. This is good because I have an overseas package I need to prep for shipping next week, but it makes me think things are coming faster than they already are.

I have specific goals for this holiday weekend. Finishing this is one of those goals but I have the luxury of having 9 more days in which to finish the words. I'm actually planning on some small decorating this year, at least in my head, I think this will work. I can relax now and finish this without feeling like I'm under the gun.

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