Thursday, November 8, 2012

Doing It Right

The clock radio came on. "This is AP Radio news. I'm..." I forget whose voice it was this morning. "The nor'easter that battered the east coast from New Jersey to Cape Cod is headed out to sea."



This is the first morning in what, 2 years, YEARS, that I have not awakened to some sort of political story leading off the morning news. Yes, Hurricane Sandy shoved the politics from first place, but they became second place so I don't count that at all. I rolled over and looked at the radio. I thought the Mayan apocalypse wasn't until December. AP news had NOTHING, not one thing, on politics in the news story. I keep looking around for Dr. Who or wondering if we've all been sent through a black hole into another dimension where the election is upcoming and we get to do this 1st. (shudder)

Yesterday, on my Facebook page, I wrote, "Now that this 'lection thang is over, let's get back to what really matters; pancakes, waffles or donuts for breakfast." I got some wonderful comments from great friends. One of them, Mike, agreed that it was time for bacon comments and "moar lolcats on teh Facebook". 

I thought about that and decided, yes, yes we do need more cats on the Internet since "everyone" knows the Internet is just tubes filled with cats. So, I have decided that I will try to photograph them once a day for the next 2 weeks. They know the camera on the phone by now and I expect there will be attempts to hide and not so subtle "Oh lord. She's photographing me again" looks. I took this one last night.

I have my Hawkeyes throw on the recliner right now. She curls up and lies next to me. This weekend is "Black Out" day when the Hawkeyes play Purdue. Everyone coming to the game is encouraged to wear black. I believe Pilchard has that covered. The other caption for this is "Camouflage cat. You're doing it right". 

Beverage:  Rooibos tea


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