Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Indoor Warmth

I went precisely one place over the entire Thanksgiving holiday. That was to Target on Sunday to see if they had a small string of Christmas lights for my tree. The weekend was given over to cleaning and preparing the house for what I feel is going to be a harsher winter than the one just passed. I really don't think it's going to be 80 in March, where I throw open the windows and air out the house. It was time to put up the window insulators.

I bought this last year and never used it. A couple of times I thought, dang, I need to get a window covered and that was as far as it got. I didn't have the range of motion last year that I do this year so contemplating actually covering windows wore me out. With my feeling that winter will be harsher came the need to get the windows covered in anticipation of the snow and cold or just cold because I'm not convinced we'll have much in the way of snow. The salesman at Ace Hardware actually tried to dissuade me from purchasing this package. He said it won't cover 6 "modern" windows. Here's the thing. I don't have "modern" windows. If I had "modern" windows, I, very likely, wouldn't need anything like this.

I'm not sure why the Ace Hardware guy tried to dissuade me, either. The box says 6 window coverage. I have done 5 and I have one left to do. 5+1=6, at least, I think it does. The shrinking plastic is probably a bit lighter weight than the 3M version but it shrinks just as nicely. Plus, this is usually $3-4 cheaper for a 6 window kit than the 3M version. 

In theory, I could just slap these up and not shrink them or wash the windows prior to putting them up. But the windows should be cleaned anyway. Some of them were obviously dirty. As long as I'm taking the time to put these up, I might as well do it over clean interior side windows. I have to take down curtains or move furniture to have a good spot to maneuver the hair dryer or to get the full window covered. I had to laugh when I moved my record player in the living room to get to the north window. Holy catnip, Batman! So THAT'S where all the toys were.

I clean my house thoroughly but I admit that moving this is problematic so I haven't moved it in a few years. There was not much dust under it but mice and catnip balls, yes. For the girls, it was like Christmas. I just tossed everything into the middle of the living room floor and have gradually removed toys to the toy box. They chase them around the living room for a bit but these two aren't much for public playing. If I'm watching, they don't play. I usually hear the scrabble of feet after I've gone to bed. The butterfly in the photo has been dragged around the house a couple of times. I found it next to the water dish in the bathroom last night.

The house is warmer now. I don't notice the light breeze blowing through that was evident on Friday after the cold front moved through. The heat isn't coming on as much, which we all know is a definite plus. And the girls got 50% more toys. Makes me wonder what else I should consider moving to see what could be behind it.

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