Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Breakfast Buddy

I usually have cold cereal for breakfast. It's easy to prepare and reasonably healthy. Plus, because I have to take pills every morning now, the milk in the bowl makes sure that I get that done. On those days when I have Dunkin', I have to grab the pills before I leave the house and then remember to take them once I get to the office. You probably would not be amazed at the number of zinc or calcium supplements that fall out of pants pockets when I  prepare them for the wash.

The girls aren't that much for human food. Mija is more than Pilchard. Right now, her list of "likes" is deli turkey and cooked turkey in small pieces, Cheetos, sharp cheddar cheese, and milk. She wants to sniff everything and, with the Cheetos, all she does is lick the cheese off the piece. She only eats a couple bites of cheese. They are hit or miss on tuna juice. I think they have to be in the mood for it.

The milk in my cereal is a Mija-magnet. I set my bowl down and sit to have my cereal and you see where she sits. I wish I had a way to tape record her motor. It is incredibly loud, especially when she's trying to worm her way into my heart for a treat.

That's a bowl of Chex. It was on sale when I needed cereal. She loves it when I have plain cereal, no chocolate, or sprinkles or flavoring. Then the milk isn't tainted. I don't give her milk in her dish. Technically, cats cannot digest cow's milk and it gives them the runs. Shakespeare was really bad for that in the waning years of his life. He loved milk but the resulting cat gas could clear a county. I leave about a tablespoon at the bottom of the bowl and she may, or may not, drink all of that. Pilchard isn't really that interested although once, in a blue moon, she will have a taste.

Even when I have Special K with chocolate pieces which I know she won't want the milk after I finish the cereal, I like having her sitting there with me in the morning. She's obviously happy and what a better way to start the day than with a purring cat. I just wish she wouldn't camp on top of the magazine I'm trying to read.

Beverage:  Orange Pekoe tea


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