Tuesday, April 17, 2012


When I came home from work, something in the yard caught my eye.

The violets that grow wild in the yard were blooming. Why would this be so odd? It is April, after all. Well, this is the time they should be blooming. I have less than an handful of tulips left and the lilacs will be gone by week's end. It's too chilly to put out plants, although I could go get some pansies from those grocery store greenhouses. There's really nothing of color in the yard this year at a time when usually the color explosion is just starting.

Except the violets.

It's quite interesting to me that, of all the flowers that went bonkers during the very unseasonably warm March, the violets ignored that and are blooming on schedule. Perhaps they are light induced, meaning, they will only bloom when the sunlight is at a certain height in the sky.

It's nice to look across the shaggy back yard and see little pinpoints of purple. Zeke will probably mow in the next week and they will be gone although they are quite close to the ground and the initial mowings aren't "scalps". They are higher. Some violets will escape the blades.

It's been such a quirky end of winter beginning of spring that these little smiles remind me there is some normalcy out there. My snow shovel still sits by the back door. I'm not taking any chances.

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