Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now For the Counting Part

It was a rough night last night so I sought solace in my stitching. It seems to center me, calm me down somewhat and helped me relax enough to fall asleep. All this in spite of the fact that I am to actual counting of stitches on this piece.

While the piece is done completely in full crosses, as I am climbing to the right top of the design, the yellow, light and medium copper colors are becoming intermingled. There are bands of color, to be sure, but, more often than not, there are two or three stitches of one color off to the side in another color. I was stitching all the yellow but realized, with the bands of medium and light copper working their way through, I would get off in counting where each color went.

My new strategy, employed after doing the middle yellow band that bends backwards on itself, is to work a section of color in a "line" somewhat. Then, when I've finished another band which adjoins it, come back to that color even if it eventually ties in with a band done previously. Got that? No? Well, suffice it to say, at this point, I'm not working all one color. With the random colors interspersed, I'll screw up the count.

After finishing that small yellow blob last night, I will come back with the light copper and fill in around it. After that, I'll come back with the medium copper. You can see a few holes on the right side. They were to be filled with medium copper but light copper was around them and I was having problems counting for the right stitch placement. I had a post-it I was using to mark the row I was on, but I don't know quite where that went. I lost it with the late night stitching over the weekend.

And, if you are still puzzling over the design, here's a clue. This is sunset.

Beverage:  African Rooibos tea


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