Friday, April 6, 2012

It Was Free

I've mentioned how I belong to a group that takes surveys. Well, I used to read Elle Magazine, years ago now, and they have this "Elle Panel". You were given the opportunity to take surveys based on items you saw or read in the magazine. I quit reading the magazine but never removed my name from the panel.

I don't think about my participating in this until I get a survey. Then, I'll roll my eyes and think, "I should get out of this. It's not pertinent to who I am". My idea of fashion is it's clean and has less cat hair on it than other items in the closet.

Three weeks ago, they sent out an email asking if people wanted to try the newest fragrance by designer Michael Kors. Now, I wear cologne or perfume as much as I wear a bikini, which is to say, never. This was born out of being in the field working. Construction guys would look at you funny as if you were putting on airs or something. In the summer and fall, you would attract the attention of bees. There is nothing more humorous to a construction crew than a female spending her time swatting at a bee that thinks you're a flower. The way to end that attention? Don't wear cologne.

The other problem is allergies. If my allergies are triggered, scents bother me. I can't burn candles. I can't use air freshener. I can't wear cologne. So, even with a drawer full of scents and a basket on my dressing table with a variety, I don't wear cologne. 

By agreeing to test this new cologne, you are entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card. Meh. Why not? It's free.

It's just a little bit of a bottle. I've been wearing it, every day, for two weeks. The scent is reminiscent of something familiar. I've smelled this smell before. I can't place it, however, but it's rather pleasant. It doesn't linger long, at least to my nose, so I've not had the coughing I can sometimes have with cologne.

The biggest problem with the cologne and it's something I will make very clear, I have a hard time getting the bottle open. It's a twist-pop off type of bottle. When you twist the top, it pops off. You replace the top by just pushing down on it. I have a hard time opening it without splashing the cologne on myself. They probably can't make changes to bottle design but I think it's something they should be aware of.

I think I'll keep wearing this after the testing period is done. It's inoffensive. No one has actually commented to me, "Gee, you smell great." I think I would be floored if that happened. I haven't added a cologne to my stash in years. It was free. What's not to like about free?

Beverage:  Lady Gray tea


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