Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Breakfast

And here is another in my random series of "I'll Eat This So You Don't Have To".

I know you're asking yourself, "Just what the heck is this?" It's brand new from Life Cereal. This is Quaker Life Strawberry Crunchtime Multigrain Cereal. Yeah, try asking for that when your significant other says, "We're out of cereal. What do you want?" I needed cereal and Target had these for $2.50 a box. There's probably a reason for that price. It's called, "These aren't selling. Let's see whom we can foist them onto." Well, me, for one. It's Life. It's strawberry. It's cheap.

It's not tasty. It turns the milk a strawberry quick color and the sugar leeches out into the milk. I don't like sugared milk. They got soggy much too fast and the "multigrain" part is so far down the ingredient list, I feel like they added it because the corn they used happened to drive by wheat and oat fields on the way to the processing plant. Strawberry flavor? Well, yeah, but it's that synthetic strawberry flavor.

Now, here's the marketing on the box. "Just 6 grams of sugar per serving." That is less than a box of Fruit Loops or Cap'n Crunch or many other cereals directed at kids. Kids aren't going to care. It's got fiber! Kids don't care. It's got vitamin B6. Again, kids don't care. Parents do and, although the giant strawberry on the front of the package is designed to capture the child's eye, the marketing is strictly to the parent. "Put this on your morning table and feel good about kid's cereals."

I poured out a bowl and the first thing that struck me was, "This looks like Kaboom." Who remembers Kaboom? It was for sale until 2010. Little pseudo-clown faces with marshmallow circus animals. It was another version of Lucky Charms, but not as sweet. I loved Kaboom. These are the red clown faces from Kaboom. There is an apple cinnamon version of this cereal I'll have to try so you don't have to.

Save your money. Go get a box of Cheerios or Kix, slice in some strawberries and serve that for breakfast. Or get your child eating oatmeal in the morning. You don't need a cereal ostensibly for kids that is marketed to adults. I will be eating this up and never again allowing it to darken my doorway.

Bring back Kaboom. Really. It was far better.

Beverage:  Lipton tea


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