Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have the pseudo bird bath up and filled. The robins have been making the most of this. You know what, they are really messy birds.

It's a delight to watch them splash and bathe in the water. They jump in, 'dive' under and get all wet and then shake it all over. Water goes flying. I've had a pair take turns. One jumps in and bathes while the other watches. Then he or she takes a turn. Eventually, they are going to get used to me sitting there watching and I'll actually be able to get some photos of them.

This weekend, I am going to scrub out this lid and see if I can't get it more balanced on something. I think there is a small hole or a crack in the dry side because, when I filled the lid last week, all the water drained out. Glue and duct tape will fix that. I want to utilize the whole lid for water. I don't want to move it off the deck. I like to see who frequents the bath. The squirrels come to drink, too, and I don't want to inconvenience them. I do need to get it up off the deck a bit so air circulates under and around it so I don't have mold or something, growing on the deck.

I also got another bag of peanuts this past weekend. Time to entice the local wildlife to come visit.

Beverage: English Breakfast tea


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