Sunday, September 18, 2011

Point Taken

I came home on Wednesday and set about doing my usual things. After chores and supper, it was time to sit down at the computer. The ribbons and trims were all over the floor, the box tipped on its side. I righted the box, picked up everything that had spilled and put it back into the box.

That night, during my evening World of Warcraft session, Pilchard came into the office, hopped up on the table onto the top of the box and, as I sat here watching, starting digging. This is the end result.

She tosses the trims out of the box because they take up too much room and she can't snuggle down into the box. When I'm in the office, this is where she likes to sleep. Point taken. I think there's a box at the office that's the right size for the trims. I just need to remember to bring it home. 

Beverage:  Orange Juice


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