Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Good Start to the Weekend

I was totally amazed this morning when I logged into WOWInsider.

Breakfast Topic: Home movies

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

I am a screenshot addict. Right now, there are over 2,000 screenshots to upload to our guild web site, which has close to 1,000 screen shots already uploaded. I've screenshot pretty much anything that moves and some things that haven't. And then there are the movies. I didn't discover my Mac's ability to make acceptable movies until my guild had been around for over a year. The early movies were grainy, but they documented some of the events we did.

After some study and tweaking, I've gotten better quality movies where you can actually see who the people are in the raid. I'm still figuring out the sound issue, so some movies don't have sound. I've made a movie about everything from helping guild members with Tethyr, to our Onyxia raids, to our wiping on KT in Naxx, to some of our more, shall we say, colorful events.

I decided my task over the next few weeks would be to upload the 84 videos I have stored on my computer and get them onto the guild web site. The 66 I have already uploaded have sparked a lot of comments of "Oh yeah! I remember that!" and identifications of who some people are in videos. These also serve as a visual history of how the game has changed from the end of The Burning Crusade through Wrath and into Cataclysm. I spent the day before the Cataclysm, Nov. 22, 2010, filming every Alliance flight path in the old world. When I looked at those to identify them -- wow, the world has changed so much. I look back at the gear my character was wearing in the movies. "Oh yeah. I hated those shoulders!" And I really miss the Arena axe from Season 3. I never should have deleted it. The movies are a history of where we've been.

Does your guild make movies of the things you do? Do you have someone who puts together polished movies with titles and comments and snappy music? Or do you have someone like me who pushes a couple of key codes and films what's on the screen? How far back do your movies go?

I just sent this in on, I think, Wednesday. There are two more articles I submitted to them. I was not expecting to be chosen quite so quickly because the deadline is the 27th. It's only $10, but I'm thrilled. It's also huge publicity for my guild and the things we do. Can't beat that. 

Now to upload more videos.

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