Sunday, September 11, 2011


I've come through a week of busyness. A major project that we had all, more or less, ignored, came due. Add into that just the regular day-to-day work and one "gentleman" (I use this term very, very loosely.), who felt calling the office and whining would get his way, and the stress meter went over 75%. I realized, late last night, that I had forgotten one small portion of my part of the project, but it will take about 15 minutes to do on Monday morning and then the whole thing can be shipped out tomorrow afternoon and...

I can go on to the other three projects on my desk. There's scheduling and bidding to be done. There are instruments to service. There are downloads to do and emails to be sent. I know the economy is not good now but we had the best summer in the history of our office; history of our office. We got everything covered, everything done, didn't drop the myriad of balls we have juggling.

Sometimes, the stress gets to us. Last Wednesday was that day for me. I couldn't find pictures I know were taken. Bits of information I needed from others wasn't coming. A client wouldn't sign the paperwork we need so we can walk onto a job site but is demanding we show up now, of course, and do an installation and be on-site for monitoring. The phone won't quit ringing and you want to make every client feel that they are the only person you're going to help even if their number is 83 and you're working on number 12. Add into the mix the clients who call repeatedly and just don't get "it", whatever "it" is that you've explained to them 122 times before.

By lunchtime, I looked at the leftovers I brought with me and decided, since I had to pick up those photos from PJ's for yet another project, I was going to Dairy Queen. It's right there, by PJs. That's a large pecan turtle blizzard. Five dollars of stress reduction.

I'm worth it.

Beverage:  Huckleberry tea


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