Monday, September 26, 2011

Football and Sewing

Sitting. Right now, that's what I do best. Iowa beat University of Louisiana Monroe on Saturday so I sat by my computer reading the play-by-play. Needing something to occupy the time, I worked on the Christmas ornaments. Friday, I got the next batch sewn together. Saturday, I turned all of them and started stuffing and sewing a few. It was a productive Saturday afternoon.

So yesterday I decided, after getting caught up with all the newspapers, that I would continue working on these while dishes soaked. I know Carole is going to faint dead away, but I actually turned on the TV to professional football and had it playing while I stuffed and sewed. 

Gee, who are these Detroit Lions? The "Texans" had me confused as to who they were. I'm obviously not up on my teams anymore. I would have rather stayed with the Lions/Vikings game which was going into overtime than see the start of the Bears/Packers game, but that's just me. Greg Gumble is one of the best NFL TV announcers, period.

I got almost all the dishes done before it was too tiring to stand. I also did one load of wash which gets me caught up until probably next weekend. My goal is to have one load to do a week. Then, going up and down the stairs is limited to maybe twice a week.

I finished more ornaments. There are just a few left from this batch. Then I have to count up what I've made and compare it to the total number I think I need.
It's coming along quite well and has been fun to do.

Beverage:  Edinburgh's Finest tea


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