Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Good Way to Pass the Time

Iowa played Pitt yesterday. I sat myself down at 11, hauled up the game cast and prepared for a couple hours of reading the game. I spend the time uploading videos of things my World of Warcraft guild has done to YouTube. But, when the feed stalls or they take their time telling me what's going on and a video still has 8 minutes left to go, it gets boring just sitting here. Plus, I feel there are things I could do while waiting.


I took care of the socks in the mending pile a week ago. I had a couple tee shirts and some sweaters that needed minor seams repaired. That's the perfect thing to do while I'm sitting here. I sewed a couple buttons back on, too. 

I got the pile all done during the game. For the first time in let's just say "awhile", I have no mending. So, I need to sew more ornaments together so I can stuff and hand sew ornaments this coming Saturday. 

Oh yeah, Iowa won. It was sloppy and any fan who left at the end of the third quarter can be forgiven if they felt Iowa had lost and lost badly. But, as a very long-time fan, this is typical Iowa football. Pretend you haven't a clue for 3 quarters and then take the other team to school in the 4th. That's why true fans don't leave at the end of 3. We know there is a good chance they'll pull it out with 1:54 seconds to go. 

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