Monday, September 5, 2011

An Impediment to Getting Things Done

It's been the kind of weekend where little tasks set aside for a long time have been done. Sorting, pitching, shredding, sweeping have all been accomplished. I uploaded a bunch of videos of my WOW guild to YouTube with the ultimate aim to get every one of them currently on the computer onto a disc and free up that computer space. While a video uploads, I trot off and do something else.

I wanted to work on the Christmas ornaments. I ran into a problem.

Everything is pinned. You can see it stacked on top of the sewing machine. It's just that someone is asleep and I really can't move her. It's just an unwritten law. Once they are asleep, unless it's cutting off the circulation in my arm, they are in danger of falling if they roll over or I really need that piece of clothing they are sleeping on, they get left alone and I move on to something else. 

Yesterday, that something else was to darn and fix all the socks I had in a pile. I collected the stash, which was up to 2 dozen, dropped them on the recliner and went to check on the latest download. 


Move on to another task, sorting laundry and washing a load. She was gone when I came back upstairs so I finished the socks. The ornaments are still on top of the sewing machine. I'll get to them...sometime...when she's sleeping on her box or in the recliner. 

Beverage:  Edinburgh's Finest tea


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