Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We have sleeves!

I was going to put the sleeves in on Monday night, but got busy doing something else. So, the task last night was sleeves. Task complete. Pam has suggested waiting to finish the sleeves and the hem until I get the dress done. Then I can put the whole outfit on and we can see if what is marked as the hem really will be the hem when it's complete.

I'm rather proud of myself. This looks really nice. If I got a plain pink skirt and a cream colored short sleeved blouse, I'd have more uses for the jacket. I'm still thinking I will probably need to get a pin for the neck but again, let's wait and see when the dress is finished.

Pilchard wasn't much help last night. She jumped up on the table, sat down and then attacked the sleeves as I was zigzagging the edges. I have no idea what prompted the attack. She only wants her ears scratched on her terms anyway so it wasn't because I was neglecting her. It was irritating because I was concerned she'd snag the fabric, not to mention I'm trying to finish the edges of the pieces and she's attacking the one I'm working with.

And, I found this as I was pinning the sleeves together. I suppose this is for pinning around corners? I tossed that pin.

So, next step is to cut out the dress this weekend. It should go together as swiftly as the jacket. When we were at the fabric store, they had a bolt of this kind of fabric that had gold dragons on it. It was gorgeous but not suitable for a wedding. As this jacket has gone together, I remember that material and wish I had the cash to go get it, assuming it's still there, some 2 months later. No, I really don't have a use for a jacket that has gold dragons on it other than it would be awesome. But many of my clothes were purchased simply for the awesome factor. Comfortable. Awesome. Seems to me a perfect combination.

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