Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Return of Green

This lovely bauble to the left goes on my car antenna. Rodney went to New York several years ago. One of the places he visited was the huge M&M/Mars store near Times Square. He saw this and knew it was a perfect souvenir for me. Green has been on my antenna ever since.

In the fall, I noticed she was gone. I was very sad about it. Although I almost never lose my car in a parking lot other than, "I could have sworn I parked in 4B, didn't I?", it was a bit easier to find the Jeep in a sea of cars by looking for the antenna. I felt somewhat incomplete without the bauble. I had no idea where I could have lost it and felt that maybe someone decided they liked it enough to take it.

Last Wednesday, as I was rolling the recycling can out to the street, I stopped to pick up an errant piece of paper and there she was, in the drive. She must have been loose and got knocked off by the trees along the house, falling into the drive where I promptly ran over her all winter. But other than being dirty, she was no worse for wear. I gave her a bath and she looks pretty good.

Yesterday, I put her back on the antenna. It's just a silly thing, I know, but sometimes the silly things are the most meaningful.

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