Monday, April 25, 2011


Thread procured. It was hard to select a color. I had to buy a large spool of it. I could use a spool half this size. A shade darker made me nervous so I went with this color.

Zipper procured. It's a perfect color match but it's 22 inches. The pattern calls for 20 inches. Oh well. I didn't take sewing in high school not to learn how to shorten a zipper. And actually, 2 extra inches isn't that much.

I didn't have the right color of cross-stitch fabric for the next project. This is a very light gray. It's called "silver" and will be perfect for what I'm going to start.

Shoes were returned to Penneys and that's when everything came to a screeching halt. The shoes are no longer available. I thought about keeping the ones a half-size too big but they will be floppy and sloppy and that's not the image I want, so I returned them. Someone will be happy, if Penneys does put them back in circulation. I went to the shoe department and found a pair that are probably closer in color match to the bone-colored background of the jacket. They were $3 more but they have a heel. It's not much of one, but it is there. I'll certainly sink into the ground. I just couldn't get them today.

One thing Pam pointed out about the original shoes. They have a satiny finish. If there is any kind of damp at the farm and the ground is any kind of wet, those shoes will soak up that dirt, not to mention stain very easily with grass. Leather or pleather won't.

So, I'm back to square one on the shoes. I guess I must go shopping this weekend. I'll start with a bigger Penneys. The closest one to me is a smaller store so the selection was a bit limited. At least I get paid this weekend.

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