Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get a Load of Faux's Face

As you may know, I occasionally post to a photo contest called "Farktography". I used to try to post every week, but I realized that I would get pretty upset with myself if it was Monday and I had nothing for the Wednesday contest. I decided that this is not a hobby with which I need to obsess. Carole and David are superb photographers with brilliant imaginations. I merely take photos to illustrate the blog. If something comes out that's suitable for a Fark contest, great, but I had to stop obsessing about it. Making peace with this eased my stress level.

Plus, I can't compete with Carole and David in the kinds of images they produce. I don't see myself as an "art" photographer. I see myself as a "documentary" photographer. This is what the image is. I don't retouch. I don't play with the camera settings. I know I've got the capability to produce different styles of images. That's not me. What I see is what I shoot. That's it. If I get red-eye, well, I get red-eye. The most I do is crop the photo.

This week's contest is to shoot your family. One of my entries is this one on the right from my visit with Carole and David in November. This is a nice photo of them with Faux, of course.

But I did think about entering this one. What stopped me was that Carole's glasses reflected the camera flash and both her and David look kind of bored. I wanted to enter this because of the look on Faux's face. Speaking of bored. It's a look that says, "Jeeze, take the picture already. I want down but I know I can't get down until you take it. Just do it. I'm so tired of photos." He's such a photogenic cat, however.

The photo isn't drawing tons of votes as my stuff almost never does, but I like it. It's one of my favorite photos of Carole and David and it's my vote that counts.

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