Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm Out!

There is no more of Daniel's instant hot cocoa. I finished the last of it today. I've been feeling rather rough around the edges. I'm not sure why. I'm glad I had some ginger ale in the fridge for my stomach was not at all settled. I've slept more than I've been awake. I've done some cleaning, no sewing, and I wrote a letter in that journal which I'm going to send to a friend. It turned out to be many, many pages. But that's what the "journal-letter" idea was meant to be, pages of thoughts and feelings and ideas. I hope she enjoys it. She's welcome to take a few months to write back.

I finally decided eating something would be a good idea, so I made up the last of my Bob's Red Mill Scotch Oats. Since I can't find them at Dominicks, a trip to Whole Foods is in order. Orange juice wasn't appealing as an accompaniment but hot cocoa was. And that's the last of the cocoa.

We were chuckling about this last weekend. I mentioned to Daniel that I was running out, that I'd managed to make his recipe last me over a year. He bemoaned not writing down the recipe. It's too bad. While he couldn't retire on his earnings, there would be a market for an instant hot cocoa recipe made with organic cocoa powder and organic dry milk and whatever magic he added that made it taste so good with or without the addition of Godiva, cherry or hazelnut liqueur or cinnamon schnapps.

So, I'm back to taking 7-8 minutes to make hot cocoa via nuking milk. I saw you roll your eyes at me. It's just that sometimes, milk can get a funny flavor to it when you add alcohol, even in shots. Daniel's cocoa never did that. There is a bright side to this. Once I wash this container, I can put my dried cranberries in this and toss the plastic container they came in. Less space eaten up in the cupboard.

Now, to figure out something to bet with him so I make him have to make me more cocoa.

Beverage:  (sigh) the last of the cocoa



  1. Haha! Once again you fall into my dastardly trap and confirm a guildie's name, thus furthering my plot to take over the world by anonymously facebook stalking people's photos!