Thursday, April 7, 2011


I found some dress shoes I thought would look good with my outfit for the wedding. They were $36 and change, with tax and shipping. The box arrived on Tuesday.

I don't think I like them. The above photo was taken under incandescent lighting. The one below was taken with natural light.
The natural light photo shows that they aren't quite the same color as the jacket. In the photo, they looked more bone or ivory colored, which is what I want. These are what's considered "champagne". That's a shade darker than the jacket.

The shoes will be a whole dress removed from the jacket so why care? I think it looks more put together to have them closer in shade. Plus, I think, now that I see the ruffle, it looks a bit like an afterthought. They didn't think the shoes would sell without adornment so they sent them back and someone suggested a ruffle. So, I'm going to send them back, exchange them for a pair of jeans, which I know I'll wear, or some colorful tops or something.

It's back to square one now. I did think maybe finding a pair of green or pink shoes would be fun and different, but I'm kind of set on bone or ivory. There is a sale upcoming at Penneys for friends and family. That will be a good time to go see what they have that might work. The other side of this is that I rarely wear heels anymore. I have no need to. I put these on and walked about the house and felt a bit unsteady. I want to feel comfortable in my shoes at the wedding and I wasn't. But, whatever shoes I do end up getting I will wear so I'm comfortable.

A little over a month away. Time has just flown.

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