Saturday, September 13, 2014

Like I Need More Ideas

Last year, I got a free issue from this magazine, Just Cross-Stitch. I don't really need more patterns and ideas for cross-stitch, but it's such a neat magazine. Here is the issue I received today.

As if I needed more ideas to make. I have not looked through it, as of this post, but I can see post its stuck on all pages with names of people who would love a handmade ornament. Look! A cat!

When I was buying the fabric to make the curtains, I spotted this magazine on the rack.

It's a British magazine. It's an odd size, taller than our usual magazines. What I liked about it is the needle case. The black is a magnet. The top is a ruler to measure the thread-count of your fabric. It shows everything from 12 to 32 count, which would be linen.

I know. I know. I don't need any more magazines, but, look! A needle case. I'll be back to cross-stitching next year. I have so many ideas.

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