Friday, February 7, 2014

Socks It To Me

Slow feet, Quick feet.
Trick feet, Sick feet.
Up feet, Down feet.
Here come clown feet.
Small feet, Big feet.
Here come pig feet.
His feet, Her feet.
Fuzzy fur feet.

(From Dr. Seuss' The Foot Book)

I'll stitch my socks until they can't be stitched anymore in an effort to get the most out of them. I realized this year, I have several pairs that really can't be fixed anymore. I should look up how to darn because a couple pair could benefit from darning, but I decided to ask for socks for Christmas. Above, minus one pair, is what I got.

Carole went to Disney World in November and picked up a couple pair there. 

These were great inside my boots on a day when I had to wear boots to work because I hadn't shoveled to the Jeep. 

And who wouldn't love mouse ears? 

This pair was a gift from Jan, a late arriving package with a note, "I saw these at JoAnn's. Thinking of you and your loud socks." 

Oh yes. Seriously loud. 

The rest in the box are from April and Perry. I can now replace one of the pair of Halloween socks I have had since man learned how to make socks. 

Those are skulls, or, maybe, aliens, but the effect is funny.

This fuzzy blue pair works great in my boots but I wear them to bed, actually. My toes can be really cold at night so I pull these on and I don't need a heating pad to keep my feet warm. And, wearing them while wearing my slippers is guaranteed warmth. My mother always told me, "If your feet are cold, put on a hat." But I do think thick socks keeping the feet warm helps toward making the rest of you feel warm.

Finally, there are the three pair of knee length socks. 

I used to wear knee socks exclusively. When I was in high school, the idea of ankle socks was ridiculous. That's what "little" girls wore, the ones in grade school. I remember having 3 pair of the very thin, white ankle socks with the lace around the cuff. I wore them to church and no other place. They were "church clothes". That's what I considered ankle socks when they were first out.

Even "athletic" socks were knee length. It took several years before over the ankle or ankle-length socks were all the rage. Then I had a hard time finding knee-length and I was kind of forced into wearing those. Now, ankle-length is what I wear and some of the best and loudest designs are on ankle-length socks.

My legs are larger than they used to be and full knee-length socks can bind at the top or, I can't get them over my calves. When this happens, I simply fold the top down. That kind of makes them calf-length socks. They become the same height at my boots. This is a very good thing. 

I love the colors and the novelty of all these socks. I have charged myself with critically examining all my socks now and getting rid of the ones I really can't fix. I realized, as I went through the week with a new pair every day, that new socks, ones that don't have holes in the toes or a see-through heel, keep your feet much warmer. They felt good, too, whole, not thin. The old socks will go in the dust rag pile. Have you ever dusted with a sock? It works really well. If you do any polishing of silver, slap on an old sock and polish away. You can toss the sock when you're through. Hmmmm...maybe that's a blog post. "101 things to do with old socks."

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  1. Love the fuzzy blues! I've become a wool sock fan this winter. My toes are so warm!