Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nothing Left But the Debris

I was leaving the office on Friday after work. As I sat at the entrance to the parking lot, waiting for traffic to clear to make a left turn to head west, a truck carrying some rather large logs passed by, heading east. Man those logs looked familiar. If I didn't know better, I'd swear they were the giant sections of the tree that had been taken down next to my drive.

I came close, a couple of times, to calling the city to find out if those were to be picked up or if I had to figure out their disposal. If the tree is dead, could I have someone carve the trunks into chunks suitable for further chopping into cords of wood? Or is that not allowed since the tree was killed by an invasive insect? I didn't know what the law or the general practice was.

Upon arriving home, this was the sight in my front yard.

I had been right. The truck contained my tree. All that's left is the debris, the branches and some bark which will be raked up come spring.

The tree is at the upper right of this photo, taken in early January.

It doesn't seem, now, that it was ever there because the stump is covered with snow.

The real change will be in the summer when that section of the yard is bright and sunny, instead of in shadow.

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